Muse Official Store
  • Muse 2nd Law Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS11
    Unisex zip hoodie in black features Muse 2nd Law print on the front and graphic on the back.
    • $75.00
  • Muse Unsustainable Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS10
    Unisex zip hoodie in grey features Muse 2nd Law logo on the front with Unsustainable print on the back.
    • $75.00
  • Muse Logo Type Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS06
    Heather grey zip hoodie with the band name on the front.
    • $70.00
  • Muse Heat Resistance Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS03
    Black zip hoodie features orange Muse logo on the front. Back features firey orange cover art from The Resistance album.
    • $70.00
  • Muse Album Overlay Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS02
    Black zip hoodie features the Muse logo on front with overlay of cover art from The Resistance album. Back says "The Resistance" near bottom of hoodie.
    • $70.00
  • Muse Hex Hole Dateback Black Zip Hoodie
    Item #: BGCMMS04
    Centered white Hex hole with Muse logo on front on black zip hoodie. Tour dates in vertical print and Muse logo on bottom back right.
    • $70.00
  • Muse Track Jacket
    Item #: BGCMMS07
    Black Muse track jacket with blue trimming features "Muse" in blue on back.
    • $75.00